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  • GTHS Visited Overseas Employees' Families Before Spring Festival

    Recently, GTHS has visited the families of overseas employees before the Spring Festival. Representatives from the labor union, administration department and business department of GTHS visited the families of overseas employees to express

    2022/01/28 20:17
  • GTHS Held the Annual Summing-up Meeting of 2021

    On January 22, in order to summarize the work of 2021, to report the performance of the business department and the branches in 2021, and to further deploy the work arrangements of 2022 and the 14th Five-year plan, GTHS held the annual summ

    2022/01/22 19:14
  • The Main Leaders of SINOSURE Suzhou Office visited GTHS Suzhou branch

    On January 21 Wang Chunlin Chen Yihao and other leader of SINOSURE Suzhou office visited GTHS Suzhou branch and held a discussion. Zhu Ronghua the general manager of GTHS introduced the overall situation and future planning of GTHS Suzho

    2022/01/21 17:16
  • The Suzhou Branch of GTHS Held the Annual Meeting

    On January 20th, the annual meeting of the Suzhou branch of Jiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industiral Co., Ltd (GTHS) was held in Guotai New Financial Building, which aimed to look back on 2021 and make plans for the work in 2022. Zhu Ronghua, the

    2022/01/20 19:02
  • The second party branch of GTHS held a meeting of all party members.

    On the afternoon of December 27 the second party branch of Jiangsu Guotai Huasheng Industrial Co. Ltd. held a meeting of all party members The meeting passed the regularization application of Comrade Yang Jing and Comrade Chen Hong succe

    2021/12/27 18:51