Monday, April 9, 2018

6 things (formally 5 things) I have learned about how to be at orange conference when you aren't actually at orange conference (UPDATED)

So what I can I say?

You probably read my last blog Go To Orange Conference (if not check it out here).

Well you love Jesus, love the next generation and want them to develop their faith in Him BUT you can't make it to Orange Conference.  Does that about sum it up?

Also, you have made a last ditch attempt to get your wonderful executive pastor or senior pastor to see the benefits of sending you to Orange Conference?  Or you even to offered to pay for a portion of it only to have they told you it was not in the budget? And quite simply its not in your personal budget either?

Well have have no fear, I have some help for you and it doesn't included anything illegal like trying to stowaway in your friends luggage...not that I have tried any of that!

I want to give you five six ways you can "attend" OC18 even if you can not be there:.

1. Stalk Orange on Social Media
Okay. I know I said nothing illegal but social media stalking is kinda acceptable now, isn't it?
Orange is pretty good at social media. They post everything.  They even had some of the main sessions on Facebook Live at one point (That was so excited)!  So if you follow them on social media you can keep up with what is happening at the conference. 
Here are some links to Orange's main Social media platforms.  
Orange Leaders Facebook
Orange Leaders Facebook Group
Orange Leaders Instagram
Orange Leaders Twitter
(The different branches of Orange Curriculum (First Look, 252 kids, XP3 students, etc) also have their own pages.  Also, follow the hashtag #OC18 or #OrangeConference

2.  Stalk the Main speakers and Breakout presenters on Social Media
There I go again with this stalk word?  Well the thing is that many of the speakers and presenters may actually enjoy you following them on social media. I mean who doesn't want more followers, right?  I have found that most speakers and personalities at big conferences like Orange usually do a play by play about what they are talking about.  This way you get a birds eye view of is happening each time. Check out the list of breakout speakers this year right here and for the main stage check out here  You can follow them on social media right from those sites!

3. Follow Orange Bloggers
Orange has a great group of official Orange Bloggers that usually live Blog during the conference.  Check that list out here: Official Orange Bloggers.  They sometime have exclusive offers just for their followers.  Check them out!

4. Get cozy with members of your team that are going
So if your church uses Orange or you have friends in ministry who do, then you might want to get chummy with them before they go to conference (smile).  Perhaps you can take them for coffee or lunch and give them a list of things that you want to learn from conference this year.  While recording the sessions is in poor taste and I would highly discourage that, your friends can take great notes that they can share upon their return.  However, better yet they could could use Evernote to share their notes in real time. Also, Orange is has your back once again, for a reasonable price you can just have your friends purchase the OC18 Digital Download Bundle.  This resources is usually available at the onsite store and you can get ALL of the main sessions and breakout sessions forever!

5. Volunteer to serve at OC18
Okay, Okay,  I know this means you will actually go to the conference but technically you would not be "attending".  You see, if you are serving, then aren't really an attendee rather you are a "volunteeree"!  Here is what I am saying, you don't have to purchase the registration but you get to hang with and serve thousands of your colleagues in next-gen ministry.  Wow!  It is here that the heart of a ministry lies which is in serving others.  So if you want to sign up to volunteer go here

6. RSVP FOR OC#18 AND ENTER TO WIN $5000 IN PRIZES by RSVPing FOR OC18 Livestream
The OC18 Live Stream has just been announced! And when you RSVP, you'll be entered to win a Go Orange bundle worth over $5000! RSVP right now:

Again, attending the Orange Conference is a great way to learn and grow in ministry to the next generation.   Get more info at

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