Friday, April 6, 2018

Go to Orange Conference 2018

So what is Orange Conference?

Firstly, let me say that...Orange Conference is not your regular conference! 
It brings together over 8000 next generation leaders from all over the world to sharpen their skills and reignite their passion to reach the next generation.  Also, this conference is very intentional about having fun! There is even main session set aside just to have FUN! 

Orange Conference is put on every year by the ReThink Group that is more commonly known as Orange.  This conference is the EPICENTER of everything that is Orange. Orange is a curriculum and strategy that has been developed by Reggie Joiner and his team.(to find our more about The Orange Curriculum click here   

Why Orange Conference will help you and your Next Gen Team?

There will be main sessions where awesome leaders who are equally as passionate about reaching the next generation will be sharing from their experience and insight.  However, I think the real highlights are the breakout sessions.  This is where we can go deeper into relevant topics and learn so much more. 

What are the benefits of attending?

When you attend the Orange Conference you don't really feel like you are at a conference.  You really feel like you are among friends.  This is because everyone who attends realizes what is at stake and they want to win.  Also, the ReThink Group is very intentional about presenting an experience that can help and shape your ministry.  

I have been attending Orange Conferences for several years and I can truly say that every time that I go, I find my tribe. I mean we don't move together like a little clique (that would just be weird) but I do find a community of people who are working to ensure that this generation of babies, toddlers, elementary students, middle schoolers and high students find their passion, purpose and develop their own faith in God through Jesus.  

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