Saturday, October 28, 2017

Point of Reflection: Kind Words

This has been a very interesting month!  

Quite event full to say the least!  

In our Family Life System, we are doing a "Think Orange" small group.  We are reading together the book called Think Orange by Reggie Joiner.  If you have been checking out my blog for any amount of time you would know that I am really into Orange.  If you do not know what Orange is feel free to check out that time I caught Orange-itis, or when Orange Tour kinda came to my church also, that time I went to Orange Conference 2016.

Well in this small group, we had this particulate ice-breaker a few weeks back that I thought was really interesting. We were given pieces of paper. The papers were stuck to our backs.  Then we had to go around and write on the backs of people saying what you thought of them writing things that they may not know.   So it was obviously done in anonymity.   Well were my results:

I was totally floored by what some people wrote on my paper.  I had no clue that they even thought this way.  I mean I know the reality exist that they could have been trying to be nice.  However, I would like to think it was real.

I am sharing this story because it sets up for my point of reflection.  This weekend, I experienced what to date was the most terrifying event in my life.  I won't go into all the details but God provided a way of escape and peace to kept me calm as I went through it.  I am still here to tell the story.  So as I look on this list, I am so happy that I got to see what people had to say about me rather than these kind words being said at a more sad occasion.

The sense of renewal I have is to ensure that I share kind words with those whom I love dearly and ensure that they know that they are Loved and I care for them.  If you are reading this blog, I hope you can do the same!

Lastly, I will be sharing some awesome changes that I will be embarking on FOR REAL THIS TIME!  Stay tuned!