Monday, October 3, 2016

Orange Conference Comes to The Bahamas...Kinda

If you have been a follower of this blog for any amount of time you would have realized that I really love ORANGE

Orange not as in the colour rather the Comprehensive Family Life Ministry Strategy/Curriculum.  

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Every year the people who bring you ORANGE have a huge conference and guess what is called?  Yup, you guess it The Orange Conference.  I was so happy to get to go to #OC16 in April after missing the previous year. So much Fun and Learning!  It was an awesome blessing to get to OC16 this year by the way. Check that Story here: I am on my way to Orange Conference 2016!

So here is the thing, Orange Conference is pretty much AWESOME in every way.  You get so much from it!  However, what do you do in between til the next conference? Well you can attend Orange Tours. However, The Bahamas isn't one of the tour stops for OT16.  Well that doesn't stop us here. 

Bahamas Harvest Church has been using the Orange Strategy and Curriculum for a number of years.  This has proven to be a great move for the Family Life Department as it allows for the harmonization of the ministry as they minister to toddlers straight up to college age young adults.  By the way, the ministry laborers make it a point to go to the Orange Conference every year to enhance their knowledge and stay sharp. Also, they have special workshops for the team which also helps those who may not have had the opportunity to go to the main conference to get the great training. 

Well this year Adam Duckworth, joined us at Bahamas Harvest Church for the Orange Workshop.  Adam is the Lead Communicator at Downtown Harbor Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL, the author of "Not Normal - 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers" and a communicator at Orange.  So he is amply qualified. 

The Orange Workshop weekend began on Friday night, as Bahamas Harvest Church Family Life Ministry kicked of the night with a FX presentation.  FX is short for Family Experience which gives a glimpse of what will be taught that month in Children's Ministry. Afterwards, Pastor Mario taught a moving message called "It's Just A Phase"(Check out the video).  This message was so thought provoking.  I left challenged to engage every step of the way in the lives of my daughters and the young people I come into contact with. Lastly, Adam taught on "Thinking Orange".  He broke down the 5 gauges of the Orange Strategy based on the book "Think Orange".  Well by the misfortune of using technology sometime you lose things and I lost all my notes from this book.  However, you can find more info from the book by getting it. Buy Think Orange book here.

On Saturday, we spent time in a general session afterwards we broke up in groups.  We engaged in another great time as well in order to get equipped for ministry in Family Life. Adam kicked off the day with a teaching/training for volunteers.

Volunteers were challenged to be "Not Normal" based on the main points from the book that he co-authored "Not Normal: 7 quirks of Incredible Volunteers".  I liked the term "quirks" cause it just sounds weird, kinda like volunteers who show up week after week to go beyond themselves to minister to children and teenagers.  This is weird when the world says "Me first, others second."

Thankfully for this session managed to still have the notes for. Yippee!!!

Check them out here on Evernote: Adam Duckworth "Not Normal" at Bahamas Harvest Church.

This pretty much wrapped up The Orange Workshop weekend at Bahamas Harvest Church.  As I reflect on all that we discussed, I realized more and more why we have to be so intentional about ministry to children and youth. Its about introducing children to Jesus, who has really come to give us all more than we can ever think.  It takes a person showing up every week and being there on Monday to help a child to know that Jesus loves them and has a great plan for their lives no matter what they are going through right now. We have to be so intentional because really we never know how much we investing in today can have a lasting influence on a better tomorrow. I know I want to have a better tomorrow, don't you? 
Some how invest in the next generation today!

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