Friday, August 26, 2016

INTRODUCING, The "Sweetly Saved" Summer line #iamsweetlysaved #sweetlysaved


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I would like to introduce to you 



You might be wondering what is that exactly. Well let me break it down for you exactly. lol

I have this thing over the years based on a concept about how a person who is "sweetly saved" would view life or the world around them.  Its wrapped the premise that this person would see some biblical truth/ideology/principle etc etc in nearly everything.  

Well a few months ago, a friend of mine, Shaquille "Young Rev' Hanna, who is the CEO of God Squad Universal approached me on a concept of capturing the "sweetness" of being sweetly saved for designs for t-shirts.  This was something I wanted to do for months just didn't really know the how. So naturally it would make sense for me to work with God Squad to bring this idea to life.  You see God Squad Universal is a "A Kingdom Lifestyle Brand devoted to changing the culture."  So I felt this could work!

Immediately, we started churning out ideas and came up with some great concepts.  He passed them on to his graphics guy and then the magic happened. 

Here are two initial designs that we came up with: 



Its so exciting to be rolling these designs out and I feel like it will only add to the understanding that to know Jesus is a "Sweet" Deal.  I plan on creating a bunch of #iamsweetlysaved video to add the concept. 

Check out the first one here:

So if you consider yourself #sweetlysaved, 
get your sweet gear today!!! 

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