Friday, April 22, 2016

10 signs you know you are a Youth Director in The Bahamas

10. Your official title is Youth Director / Coordinator / Leader because "Youth Pastor" hasn't really caught on yet.

9.  You get invited to school assemblies regularly.

8.  You are an expert at making Kool-Aid.

7.  The people at the Pizza place nearest to your church know you by name and have offered you a standing appointment on Friday nights or whenever you have youth meeting.

6.   You learn how to be versatile when it comes to meeting with your youth ministry because you don't have an official youth room. So if it means using the church's parking lot, or the church's hall or even under a tree, you make it work!

5.   At Lock-ins, You are an expert at staying up all night and while doubling as a security guard.

4.   Budgets are like unicorns.  If you catch one, don't let it go otherwise, it might become a 
figment of your imagination.

3.   The easiest volunteer staff to recruit is usually those who recently "graduated" from the youth ministry but they suffer from the Peter Pan syndrome.  They want to be "youths" forever.

2.   You become a social media ninja; able to watch the posts of your students/youth without being caught with the dreaded screen shot.

1.   You are the resident guru / counselor / listener of boyfriend and girlfriend drama. 

Bonus point: You use the word "Youths" often. eg 
1. We are having youths tonight!
2. "Are there any youths in the hooooouuuusssee?!"

Thanks for reading.  What to do you think? Are there any other signs you can think about?

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