Wednesday, March 9, 2016

And the Winner is......

Well by now you know that I am going to Orange Conference 2016 (#OC16).  
If you didn't know let me help.....I AM SOOO EXCITED!

The surprises do not just end there though.  There is more.

So when I found out that I had won the XP3 students video contest, the XP3 team had set up a video chat for later in the week so I can speak with their team.  I am thinking that they wanted to talk about ministry here is The Bahamas.  Boy was I wrong!!! 

Well they did want to know a little about that but also wanted to do something else.  

Check out the pic below.  That's me on the screen that everyone is looking at ;-)
Photo courtesy of Instagram (

******************DRUM-ROLL PLEASE******************

This great team offered to take care of all my expenses as it related to me getting to #OC16!!!

PLUS...They gave me another free Ticket for anyone I choose to attend the conference.

Talk about GENEROUS!!!

I was beside myself with excitement and felt so honoured.  You see this was the answer to a prayer.  The reality was that though I had won the free ticket before, I had no clue how I was going to make the journey to Orange Conference 2016 happen. Then God did what God does best, work miracles. God is soooo good!

In the same way,  I had gotten a call from some friends from The Bahamas who were going to OC16 as well.  They heard what had happened and offered to let me roll with them for the week.  My JoY-Meter was over the top!!!

I was now officially on my way to Orange Conference 2016!

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