Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Day of Reflection on my time in ministry

Wow. All I can say God is a gracious and good God. He can change anyone, if You let Him.
This year I celebrated and reflect on 15 years of ministry and 8 years (August 19, 2007) as an ordained minister of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, of which I am still not UNASHAMED OF and I THANK GOD FOR!!!
As I mentioned, 15 years ago this year I availed myself to God when I felt a call on my life. I was not sure what it was all about even though I was a PK. Though this was true I had to find God for myself. (Oh boy, they say PKs are the worse ones huh? Well I don't know haha)
I found God for myself and was never the same. Does that mean I am perfect? Heavens NO! I have fallen toooo many times to count but only by God's grace I am still here and holding on.
So many people have helped to shape and form me as a Man and a Minister. Ultimately, all this was done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. However, I want to single out my dad and mom though; my dad, Rev. Archelaus Burrows, who models what it means a Priest, Protector and Provider and my mom, Evangelist Eunice Burrows who never stops praying for me (even while she slaps me upside my head).
Also a key period, was my time in the Holy Woods, as it is affectionately called or more properly The United Theological College of The West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica ( This was not all smooth sailing but the lessons learnt, in and outside the classroom were sometimes sobering and/or painful to say the least. Nevertheless, they challenged, shaped my theological and ministerial constructs and stretched me to the person/theologian that I am today.
So I remember that humid August evening at Zion Baptist Church ( when my heart was so full and my mind racing. I really didn't want to go but I knew I had to. Its funny,
God has a way of just pulling you were He wants you to be.
I am thankful that I just get to do what I do and that is so humbling. Therefore, through it all, ups and downs, mess ups and good times, times of plenty and times of nothing...All I can say is that I JUST CAN'T GIVE UP NOW. I know I have not arrived but like I learnt in the HOLY WOODS, "Know your stage because there are STAGES AND STAGES AND STILL MORE STAGES.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July is here!!!

Its is the month of JULY.  How cool is that.  Feels great to be in my birthday month.

Alot has happened this year.  I have not been very consistent in blogging but I have alot to share coming up soon.

Friday, April 17, 2015

When you think about God what comes to mind?  A tyrant, a big bully or a loving Father?

I believe God wants us to see Him as a loving Father.  He is creator of the universe and life as we know it.  In Jesus, God has redeemed us to Himself.  This is the ultimate case of Love in action.  God wants more people to worship simply because they love Him and not because they are afraid of hell

TWEET THIS NOW: God wants more people to worship simply because they love HIM and not because they are afraid of hell #bjornbeonit

I saw this video done by Joseph Prince Ministries.  This is love in action..Here is the whole teaching.  Be blessed.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Blogging needs to improve

So this is now the first week in March and this would be the first time I would have blogged for the year.

I guess there is little to say but I know that I work really hard on stuff in real life.  Nevertheless, if I am going to have an online platform then it only makes sense to use it.

I guess what I am saying is that I will do my best to do just that. ;-)