Friday, January 3, 2014

Walking On Water Moments #wowmoments

I heard one time that “Movements not Moments Change the world.”   Yet on a personal level, I think it’s good to have a series of moments in your life that change you.  These moments can inspire a movement within you.  I like to call these moments, W.O.W. moments or as soon you will find that they are Walking On Water moments.

A W.O.W. movement is really a time when something about God can literally make you go “WOW!!!!”  The W.O.W. Moment helps us to see the Awesomeness of God and declare our faith.  It is these series of W.O.W. moments that can be strung together to move us closer to Jesus and stronger in our faith.

There is a particular lady in my church, let us call her Sis. Sue.  Now Sister Sue is kind of different.  You see, the normal thing in church is to say “AMEN” when there is something that is said by the communicator or preacher for the day, that you agree with.

But not Sister Sue.  She loves the word, “WOW!”

I think Sister Sue was like Peter and the other disciples who were on the boat when Jesus came walking on the sea. Imagine.... its dark and you see someone walking on the water coming towards you in the boat.  This probably would have spooked me out!

But nevertheless, it is at this Walking On Water Moment or W.O.W. Moment, that we see Peter’s faith increase.  When Peter saw Jesus walking on the water, I am sure He was like “WOOOOOW, Jesus ME! Me! Me!  I want to do that too…”  Then Jesus called Peter out and Peter sprung out the boat to go to Jesus but begun to sink when he got afraid.   Jesus then caught his hand and brought him up.  Jesus saved Peter and removed his fear at that instant.  Then, Peter was able to Walk On Water.

Peter had many other W.O.W. Moments with Jesus.  It was at each of those moments that his faith continued to increase.  Though we have stories of where Peter did not measure up or lost faith, in the end I would dare say that It was the series of W.O.W. moments that Peter had with Jesus that ultimate “turned up” his faith and helped him to continue a movement that still is changing the world. 

Have you had any WOW Moments with Jesus lately?  Let these W.O.W. moments increase your faith and by God’s grace you can Walk On Water too.  Then you can be like Sis. Sue and only think left to say is “WOOOOOOW!”

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Everybody!!! Rebooting


Not much of a person to celebrate New Years that others would but I love the aspect of the "newness" that the New Calender brings.  So kind of like a Reset button or Rebooting of the program.

So I am Rebooting!