Monday, March 25, 2013

1st Drive Conference Video Collage

So Drive Conference was a BLAST!  Some of the footage that I am putting together.  

Shout out to my team at The Harvest. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Drive Conference

So I am getting to check out Drive Conference in Alpharetta, Georgia.  This is my first time at this conference.  I have one word: Amazing.

There are over 200 countries represented at this conference eg. France, Canada, Nigeria etc. I am totally blown away by the creativity and content that is being presented at this conference.  It is not just a place to learn how to do church but it goes even deeper into the why of things.  I am thinking that the challenge is the need for us to really examine and evaluate what we do when we do church.  I could go on and on about the singing, the welcome of the staff and overall feel of the conference. However,  I am really love the content.

North Point Community Church has created a model/template of doing church that works from them.  This template has created such a buzz that literally thousands have converged on their main campus to hear more.  NPCC's dynamic pastor, Andy Stanley is a generational preacher (or communicator as he calls himself)  who has not been locked into the heritage from which he came. This is great because he has been found away to change the method without seeking to compromise the message.

I am really happy to be here with the team from Bahamas Harvest.  I would recommend anyone to check out the Drive conference. or on twitter @driveconference