Sunday, July 1, 2012

What type of Christian are you?

So this week Team Impact (@impact180) is going to be at Bahamas Harvest Church (@BahamasHarvest) for what is turning out to be an annual period.  These guys have a real heart for missions and evangelism.  Its like they live to see life-change. You can check out their website to get some more information:

Well today their leader Pastor Shonn Keels (@teamimpactshonn) preached a great message on Evangelism.  I thought I would mention a great point and embellish it a lil bit.

He spoke about a policeman who was a Christian and was living out his faith as a policeman.  When you talk about a policeman lets think training. In the training a cop is trained to be very critical.  As they approach an scene their first instinct is to assess the situation.  If it is an accident they have to judge the situation and also establish who is in the wrong and cast blame.  The policeman in the story did the same in his christian walk,  he would cast blame on others and sure to let them know when they were wrong.  Isnt this like some of us.  We love to cast blame and point out the wrong of other people.  We are trying to be Policemen Christians.

Pastor Shonn didnt mention this though (I dont think?) but I think there are Passerby Christians as well.  These are the Christians who see a disaster happening but resolve to do nothing about it.  They are more comfortable to pass-by and keep things to themselves rather than get involved to restore anyone in the accidents that happen in life. 

However,  in the same scenario of the accident.  The policeman would be there but then usually the paramedic would show up.  The paramedics doesn't care who is at fault in the accident.  There only concern is to bring healing and restoration.  Their ministry is to be compassionate.  They are there to show how much they care.  They want to work to help the persons in the accident to be restored to where they need to be.

I am would say that we are called to be Paramedic Christians.  Jesus reminds us that the well/health don't need a doctor but it is the sick, that is why he came, for the sick.  We are called to minister to everyone rather than casting blame just like Jesus did.  I am hoping that many more of us would seek to be Paramedic Christians and help to win this generation.

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