Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What if Mickey Mouse ran a church?

What would it look like if Mickey Mouse or Walt Disney ran the church?  Or were a Senior Pastors?  Pastor Mickey? or better yet Rev. Dr. Walter Elias "Walt" Disney?

"What trouble? Blasphemy"  Yup, I heard you.

But seriously what if Mickey did run the church? What would that look like? Let us look at Disney and Mickey's other big venture and see how they do things.  At that point perhaps we can surmise how they might have run the church.

Facts about Disney and Mickey's organization in Florida:

1. The June 2011 AECOM Theme Park Attendance report for the year of 2010, included the following information:
  • Magic Kingdom, 16.97 million visits (No. 1 worldwide)
  • Epcot, 10.83 million visits (No. 5)
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom, 9.67 million visits (No. 7)
  • Disney's Hollywood Studios, 9.60 million visits (No. 8)

2. In a March 30, 2004 article in The Orlando Sentinel, then-Walt Disney World president Al Weiss gave some insight into how the parks are maintained:

  • More than 5,000 cast members are dedicated to maintenance and engineering, including 750 horticulturists and 600 painters.
  • Disney spends more than $100 million every year on maintenance at the Magic Kingdom. In 2003, $6 million was spent on renovating its Crystal Palace restaurant. 90 percent of guests say that the upkeep and cleanliness of the Magic Kingdom are excellent or very good.
  • The streets in the parks are steam cleaned every night.
  • There are cast members permanently assigned to painting the antique carousel horses; they use genuine gold leaf.
  • There is a tree farm on site so that when a mature tree needs to be replaced, a thirty-year-old tree will be available to replace it.

3. When the Magic Kingdom opened in 1971, the site employed about 5,500 "cast members". Today it employs more than 66,000, spending more than $1.2 billion on payroll and $474 million on benefits each year. The largest single-site employer in the United States.

(For further info click here)

These facts about are Walt Disney's enterprise, sadly Walt died before he could see the full extent of his vision come to pass.  Yet it still became a reality.  How does this relate to the church though?  Simple:  The church is the only entity that was established by God through Christ that deals with eternal merchandise.  We should be doing everything in our power to ensure that everyone that comes through the doors of the church has the same feeling as they would if they went to Disney World.  It would be the WOW factor.  What would be the "WIN" then?  For guest at church to be so engaged by the attention to details in the church that it would be easier them to be open to the life-changing message of the Gospel.

Let us face it people are not changed over night.  Everyone needs to be exposed long enough to something for it to have an effect on them.  The reality is that less and less people are growing up in the traditional Christian homes so they don't have those Christian values.  Therefore, it would be impossible for them to understand and relate to Hymns, standing for hours on end in church because of you are supposed to,  or even Sunday school.  It would be fair to suggest that we should not get rid of many of the church's traditions but many of our methods and environments need to be critiqued.  So we should embrace some level of change.

Why should this change be embraced?  Because its a matter of someone's eternal future.  Here is the catch:  The average package of for a family of 4 on a Disney world Vacation experience can range at a minimum of $3000 and that is a quick thrill and goosebumps on their goosebumps.  But that same family coming to church and hearing the gospel would be FREE and would have eternal dividends.  There is no comparison but that family must feel engaged so that they church experience would be have some of the WOW as a Disney vacation.

So Pastors and church leaders lets look at what we are doing in church? Regardless of your religious practice or dogma their is something you can improve on.  I am not suggesting that you should break out a whole production program but have you paid attention to some details: like are the bathrooms working properly and fully stocked?  Is the building well painted?  is it hard for a guest at the church to find a seat?  Does that guest feel welcomed? Are guest followed up on?  Do they know you care? etc etc

If you have no clue to some of these questions.  Here is a free resource that can help you and start you on your way to helping you to build God's kingdom by His grace.  The link is below:  (Its FREE until Friday, June 29th, 2012)

There is also a great resource that all Pastors who are serious about building ministry should read.  Its called Fusion by Nelson Searcy.

This pastor, Nelson Searcy took everything he learned about assimilating people into a church community and put it into a book.  I would say that this is not exhaustive or a rule book but it is a tremendous aid that has great ideas that can be easily implemented and managed.  Another good book is by Ed Young, The Creative Leader.

So then maybe who knows by making a few changes you can help to change a generation for Jesus.  Also, remember we may have tons of resources at our disposal but we have also have God's Spirit.

Why is this important:  The story goes that two guys went to a revival service and it was crowded.  The guys turned to leave.  A very alert and welcoming say them and called to them.  These two guys were able to be ushered to some seats.  At the end of the service the young men gave their lives to the Lord.  One of those young men was Billy Graham.  Now just think if that Usher wasn't there?

Little changes can render limitless results.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movie Review

The Summer is here!!! Woot Woot!!  This is going to be some, Sweet Action!

I am Happy for those who get a break from it all though like Teachers.  You all work really hard and then get to chill for a couple weeks.  So in honour of Summer, I spent the bulk of my time yesterday watching movies.  So here is a quick review of them.


Men in Black 3

This new movie in the MIB franchise for me is pretty good.  It had great sentiments and the plot was plausible if we lived in the Twilight Zone (and I don't with Vampires and Werewolves)

Ratings: 3/5 stars


Lets just say this movie was just some SWEET ACTION!!!
I am not a guy to normally be moved my like gushy stuff like  what I will call lovey dubby movies.  But as a father of a wonderful daughter I feel like I could actually relate to this character. This is so moving from a guys perspective.  

Rating: 4/5 stars


I remember watching this movie when it came out and was captivated by it.  I would go as far as to say that apart from Blade, this movie helped to make Vampires look like cool cats.  But I wouldn't want to hangout with em.  Also, for me the concept of the Lycans aka Werewolves was pretty cool.  I like the plot and how they unpacked it in the subsequent sequels and the prequel.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Wrath of the Titans

This movie didn't have to be made.  Well I guess it helped get some people paid but this was not good.  It was really confusing and seemed disjointed or maybe I didn't get it. I was also expecting a little more because the first one "Rise of the Titans" was alright.  If you are looking for such memorable lines like "Release the Craken!" you will not find it.

Rating: 2/5 stars

A Thousand Words

Eddie Murphy is back! This movie was enjoyable.  I really appreciated the effort that this film took to highlight the importance of balancing family and work.  I think in this age where its so much about self this was kind of refreshing.  Words are so powerful.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Well that is the begin of my movie reviews for the summer.  Yup, this movie will be packed with some good movies.

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"At me so I know its real!"

Till next time!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well I am back again telling apart of my story.  Why? Because no one else can do like I can.

I am back in the Saddle.  I am going on a very strict plan about what I eat.  This is not strange to me but  I took a break from my weight loss challenge. However, this break cost me dearly because it was about 20 pounds.  Now I am back in the saddle.  I shall call it ReGenesis! (can you hear the music?) lol

This is serious though.  The reason why I started this blog was to kind of talk about this reshaping of my life.  I wanted to have a place where I kinda of could talk about this ReGenesis, publicly.  This way I can air out the Highs and Lows, also share my strategy.

Lets start with today:

Today actually begun last night because I did alot of my preparation.  I cooked my Oats that I had for breakfast this morning last night.  The reality is that mornings are hectic and you do not always eat right even though you have good intentions.  So I cooked a pot of Oats last night, that I will use for breakfast and dinner for about two days.

For my meals today, it was green salad.  While the oats cooked, I prepared my salad ingredients.  I cut up all my veggies and secured them in containers.  I did enough for two days.  This way when I am hungry and ready to eat I can cut my prep time in half.

Lots of water is the order of the day.  I am cutting out juices and sodas from my diet.  I have a 32 ounce bottle that I will drink atleast 3 times filled today.  Yup, that is alot of water but tends you keep you feeling full most of the day.

So there you go.  That is the plan for the day.  Here is the actual breakdown on the meal plan:

Wake up    -     Drink Water (32 oz)
1st meal (7 am) -  2 cups of Oats/ tablespoon of Peanut butter. Prepared with 1 cup Almond Milk.
                               Total caloric intake:  424

2nd meal (11 am) - Side salad/1 tbsp - dressing/ side of fruit
                                     Total caloric intake - 151

3rd meal (2:30 pm)   - Repeat of 2nd meal

4th meal (5:30 pm)   - Repeat of 1st meal

5th meal (7:00 pm)   -  Serving of Mixed veg melody
                                      Total caloric intake: 203

Total Calories for today - 1353 (lets hope I stick with that lol)

This is going to be tedious I know but I thought I would atleast I would go through this for today to really cement my determination for a turn around.  So as I typed this I had my 2 meal of the day, chewing ever so slowly to make it feel like a big meal.

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

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Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thoughts on Discipleship

So my church is now doing a Conference that we are calling "Driven to Purpose" and all systems of the church were asked to write and article that would be published in the conference workbook called "The Accelerator".  Thought I would share that article on this blog.  Now I have a real published piece lol not a Journal but this will have to do *smile.

By the way I didn't mention what system I direct.  It is called Assimilation System.  What is that you may ask?

1. as-sim-i-la-tion

 - the state of being assimilated; people of different backgrounds come to see themselves as part of a larger national family

Simply put Assimilation is the process of taking 1st time guest of our church and guiding them through the processes of the body so that they can become apart of the Core.  The Core meaning fully functioning believers who are maturing in the things of God.  The more "churchy" or theologically correct term would be Discipleship.  My thought is that we have become so good at doing church that we have forgotten or slighted the understanding that we are called to be a disciples or followers of Christ. In other words:

"Discipleship is less about what we do and more about who we become" Pastor J. Mario Moxey.  

So here is my article on Discipleship.  Tell what you think.  Thanks.  In another post, I will go into greater depth when it comes to Assimilation and what it entails; going deeper not wider.


“Salvation occurs in a moment, but discipleship takes a lifetime.” – Pastor Mark Driscoll

Have you ever played a game of “Simon says” or “Follow the Leader”?  Ever noticed as kids we are determined to “follow” so well that we win the game?  Similarly, I believe Jesus also wants us to win as we follow Him not as a game but as a matter of our spiritual growth and eternal destiny. 

Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”  And they left their nets at once and followed him.  Matthew 4:19 - 20 (NLT).  I am sure to Peter and Andrew, this perhaps was not a strange question.  As fishermen they were very familiar with the act of fishing after all that was their heritage.  Enter Jesus via heaven, who comes and gives them an alternative, continue to fish or follow me and he could show you how to fish for people.  This offer was so appealing that the men had to follow him.  Now, have you every asked why did they do that; left a presumably successful business to follow a Rabbi from Galilee?  Historically, to be personally “called” to be the follower of a Jewish Rabbi was seen as great honour.  Therefore, this may have played a great part in the decision processes of Peter and Andrew.  Yet, I would like to think the great “why” would be because the Son of God summoned them.  The mere fact that Jesus took the time to come look for them would be a great privilege to partner with Jesus in His mission.   In a nutshell, to be a disciple would mean to be willing to leave our routine pursuits in order to partner with Jesus in His mission to the world.  Similarly, Jesus is still calling many of us to be followers. 

A disciple then is a follower of Jesus.  The original word sounds similar to martyr, one who willingly lays down their life for another.  This leaves us with the assumption that a disciple is a person who is willing to sacrifice their own will for that of Christ.  The good news though, is that Jesus has already done it all.  So then how do we live a life of discipleship?
  •      Sacrifice one’s will – We must be willing to deny our will and take up God’s will (Luke 9:23)
  •      Study the word of God – It is the Word of God that guides us on the Path to follow (Psalm 119:105)
  •      Share the gospel – as followers who are growing and maturing in Christ our jobs is not to be selfish but to help others to do the same thing.  It is called the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:19)

Living a life discipleship is not easy because the hardest thing that one can do is to tell yourself No.  Yet, the comfort we have is that we are not doing it alone.  Jesus has given us the Holy Spirit to help us, as well as our community of faith here at Bahamas Harvest Church.

Quick Tip: DO NOT QUIT.  The world is already full of too many quitters.  One of the root words for Discipleship is “discipline”.  Disciples are disciplined.  (1Corinthians 9: 27)  

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Friday, June 1, 2012

1st of June Randomness!!!

I was on my blog today and I am a serious blogger.  What does that even mean though?  I guess I do this when I am bored.  Power of free press.  lol

So its Labour Day in the Bahamas or as they say Beach Day....Shout out to Holidays. 

Well there ya go... Now back to my family. 

Being a family guy is tough work you know.  It means that somethings you might want to do you can do...

Hey here is another really random thought...its it amazing how the world has changed so much.  I mean we have facebook, twitter, all sorts of technology etc.  It like the world is so much more smaller now. 

Well I am going to just bounce a basketball outside or read.  Enjoy the Holiday.