Friday, May 11, 2012


Sooooo I am back!   That was a little anti-climatic there.  Do you know what Hodgepodge means?  The first time I heard the word was on Jeopardy.  Its means confused mixture.  This perhaps best describes this post.  My homage to Jeopardy.  

Well I have certainly been neglecting my lil blog.  My hobby as it were  So I am back now to do my lil doodlings on here.

Well what to talk about.....

 1. My country has a new government.  It was a vicious contest and quite the slanderous on, so for politics   that was pretty normal.  Well the PLP won.  That is the Progressive Liberal Party who defeated the Free National Party.  The PLP called themselves the "Gold Rush" or "Colour Gold"  the FNM call themselves "Red Splash" or "Colour Red".  This I found kinda weird but hey to each his own.  Any how there is too much to go on from this issue so I will not tackle it here.  Perhaps I will do this in another blog post.

2.  Then there is The Avengers.  The Avengers was the long waited lead up from the Marvel Studios.  I think Iron Man was the first one, then there was The Incredible Hulk, Thor and then Captain America.  All of these movies lead up to the team being assembled in The Avengers.  This movie for me officially kicks off the humongous summer movie season.  The next big thing on the radar is the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.  We are not there yet though.  By the Avengers has mashed all sorts of records at the box office.

3.  Chick-fil-la Leadercast @ Bahamas Harvest Church.  This event was phenomenal.  It merges the reality of needing to train good leaders and technology.  Chick-fil-la Leadercast is an annual event that is held in Atlanta and simultaneously broadcasted around the world via the internet thus the name simulcast.  The likes of Tim Tebow, Solidad Obrian, Andy Stanley and the world renowned John Maxwell were only a few of the key note speakers. Bahamas Harvest Church has made it a point to partner with this event every year and we have been doing it for two years now.  It was a great event. Follow Bahamas Harvest on Twitter @BahamasHarvest

Well that is what on my mind now.  Perhaps as I get more into my blogging I will remember more.  Oh by the way I will start with more reviews of books.  The book that I am going to begin to read is "7 practices of Effective Ministry".  This is an old book but is knowledge or insight ever old?  I think not.  Books are the Keys to knowledge.  So as I go along I will be making regular posts...something like a ongoing review.  So if you are reading this blog, thanks for sharing with me.  Remember you can follow me on twitter by clicking the link at the top right side of this page. 


Speaking about elections.  Here is the party I voted for: