Monday, April 9, 2012

I got a new attitude...

So what a weekend!!!

It is now the day after Easter or Resurrection Weekend as many like to call it. In the Bahamas its a holiday and I am loving it right now.  However,  since its a holiday I thought I need must update this blog.  So here goes.

I really like Easter season.  Its the season that there is a sense of newness in and through Jesus Christ. This is an awesome reality.  When you undergo life-change this is a phenomenal event.  The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus lets us know that there is eternal hope.  This means that no matter how bad things get or even if the reality of death greets us, we have the eternal hope that death is not the end.  Death is defeated and we have the victory and hope in Christ.  This for me is good news and worth sharing.

Easter is often associated with Baptism.  At Bahamas Harvest Church this Easter, the church celebrated with persons as they were baptized.  We dubbed this event, The Rebirth Experience.  These brave persons, has "drawn a watery line" between their former way of doing life and now embraced a new life in Christ.  See an article in a local paper chronicling this event here.  This event was extra special for me because it was my first time event coordinating an event of this magnitude.  It was a great leadership challenge. I learned so much,  most specifically the need to work in teamwork.  So reality I could not have functioned without my co-labourers at The Harvest.  One fellow staff member said, 'no problem man,  We on the same team. If you look bad, we all look bad.'  I was "wowed" by this statement, even more so really, really grateful.

So what is my new attitude?  One that realizes that I am new in Christ.  I may not have been in the water as a candidate but I was baptized in my new role in ministry.  So at one point I may have thought that I had to do it all by myself,  that is not the case because I am not alone.  This is going to be a wonderful time of ministry.  

In closing, I would like to share this video of a candidates of the The Rebirth Experience.  Additionally, at some point checkout anyone of our Worship Experiences at The Harvest. 

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davay colly said...

Good going bro.. Keep up the good word...