Monday, January 2, 2012

In 2012, I am not a fan of Jesus.

Happy New Year everyone.  During this time most people usually set out to make what they call New Years resolutions.  I guess the purpose of it is to fix somethings that went wrong last year or to challenge themselves to achieve greater goals in the new year.  Either way its not a bad practice and has its merits.

So then, here is one of my New Year Resolutions,  I will not be a fan of Jesus but I will be a follower

A fan would be someone who simply goes out every so often to cheer on their favorite team or player.  Let's take Kobe Bryant and his team the Lakers.  We watch the scheduled games and cheer the team on.  When Kobe is on the court we probably cheer as fans the most when he explodes to the rim.  Then when the game is over we go back to our normal life until the next scheduled game.  In my case,  I cheered for the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow, when they lost yesterday but still were able get into the playoffs.

Many of us are fans of Jesus.  We cheer on Team Jesus every time we gather for worship, or when something significant happens in our lives that can even be remotely linked to Him.  We have become really good at being fans of Christ but not many of us seek to be disciples or followers.  This is not saying that many fans have not become followers but many people are so caught up in our own lives that we content to just be a regular fan.  The commitment to be a follower requires sacrifice.  It would mean that we look less on ourselves as the source but to Christ.  Being a follower would also mean that we are not there just for scheduled engagements but it becomes our lifestyle.  As Christ lived, He always sought to have followers and not fans.

It is my prayer to be more of a follower than simply a fan.

Here is another resource that I found for people seeking to followers and not fans.  I also encourage you to read his book "Crazy Love"

For other ministry leaders who may be reading this and looking for other resources on not being a fan  check out >>>HERE.

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