Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Insanity is the way

The working definition for Insanity is "doing something over and over again while expecting the same result".  I think that is a form of Insanity.

Therefore, so in the next six months I have one major goal.  I plan on losing 50 pounds.  Some people may say "Six months is a long time". Yes it is. "Oh you can do that is less than six months."  Sure I could but I am not to concerned about that.  I just want to follow my goal and keep at it.  That is part of the reason that I am making it public and posting my goal on my blog.  I read some where that sharing your weightloss goal keeps you accountable.  I thought to myself well then, why not write about it.

In the program, Get Well Bahamas I was able to lose 40 pounds.  This year Get Well Bahamas is getting ready to begin Phase 3 and I am going to be participating with them again.  I think this year it will be as a mentor type thing though similar to alumni.  This is going to be fun.  In addition to that I will be going to more faithful to the workout regiment called INSANITY.

This exercise program literally kicked my butt.  Every time I get started with a training session at the end I am wasted.  Last year I was doing this for about 30 mins everyday at the 5 o'clock hours. Also I followed a very strict 1200 calorie diet.  This was why I was able to reach my goals for the end of the year.  You might say that is "insane".  Yup. That is why I can say INSANITY works.  It is only through Insane Intensity that you will reach your goals.  So lets get it people.  Got to get our temples together.

Speaking about temples,  last year I posted about a guy who is going from FIT 2 FAT 2 FIT.  Well here is his site and how he is going.  You can also follow him on twitter @fit2fat2fit

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Demaryius Thomas vs. Tim Tebow and Jesus

On Sunday past, I was like most average guys who was watching football.  I must admit that I haven't been as a frequent watcher of football, I am not a fanatic. However, my interest in the game was more grown alot more since the NBA lockout.  I particularly like to see the Denver Broncos take the field.  Now before you get me wrong I am not necessarily apart of the Tebowmania but I do respect the fact that he has skills.  But I was a fan of Denver since John Elway era when they won the Superbowl in 97 and 98.  Since Tim Tebow has joined the organization at Denver I know have another reason to watch then and pull for them when they play.

There is alot of noise in the market about Tebow's faith.  Alot of detractors say that he is too boastful sighting Matthew 6:6 as a reason for his error.

    5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. 7 And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. 8 Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
 Now upon looking at this verse,  it would seem that they have a point and they do.  Yet I think that it is to be put in a broader context.  Tim Tebow as I see him isn't seeking to be a hypocrite.  But who am I? I don't know the guy, yet this is my blog and my opinion lol.  Anyway,  it seems that he really loves the game of football and loves Jesus.  He has found away to incorporate the two recognizing that is is because of God that he is where He is.  Therefore, he has no problem with showing people that he is unashamed.

Romans 1:16

New International Version (NIV)
 16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.
 So all I can say is Tebow pray and give thanks away!!!  Represent!

As it pertains to title of this blog post that I haven't addressed yet.  Tim Tebow did not beat the Steelers.  The Denver Broncos did!  Football is a team sport.  Imagine that Tim threw the ball and Demaryius Thomas was not there, would the team be in the playoffs now? No, they wouldn't.  The point I am making is that they all had a role to play.  So it is not about Jesus being on Tebow's side more than the Denver Broncos had to operate as a team and the team rallied together and win.  Did Jesus have something to do with it? Sure, He allowed them to be healthy enough to play and allowed their efforts to be successful at that point.  Tim Tebow is good but would be no where without the rest of the team.

There is another great article that you can check out at:

Monday, January 2, 2012

In 2012, I am not a fan of Jesus.

Happy New Year everyone.  During this time most people usually set out to make what they call New Years resolutions.  I guess the purpose of it is to fix somethings that went wrong last year or to challenge themselves to achieve greater goals in the new year.  Either way its not a bad practice and has its merits.

So then, here is one of my New Year Resolutions,  I will not be a fan of Jesus but I will be a follower

A fan would be someone who simply goes out every so often to cheer on their favorite team or player.  Let's take Kobe Bryant and his team the Lakers.  We watch the scheduled games and cheer the team on.  When Kobe is on the court we probably cheer as fans the most when he explodes to the rim.  Then when the game is over we go back to our normal life until the next scheduled game.  In my case,  I cheered for the Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow, when they lost yesterday but still were able get into the playoffs.

Many of us are fans of Jesus.  We cheer on Team Jesus every time we gather for worship, or when something significant happens in our lives that can even be remotely linked to Him.  We have become really good at being fans of Christ but not many of us seek to be disciples or followers.  This is not saying that many fans have not become followers but many people are so caught up in our own lives that we content to just be a regular fan.  The commitment to be a follower requires sacrifice.  It would mean that we look less on ourselves as the source but to Christ.  Being a follower would also mean that we are not there just for scheduled engagements but it becomes our lifestyle.  As Christ lived, He always sought to have followers and not fans.

It is my prayer to be more of a follower than simply a fan.

Here is another resource that I found for people seeking to followers and not fans.  I also encourage you to read his book "Crazy Love"

For other ministry leaders who may be reading this and looking for other resources on not being a fan  check out >>>HERE.