Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spinning the weight off.

Hey guys!!!

I am really excited to do this post.  So we all love free things.  So Jemi Health and Wellness is offering FREE Spinning classes until Dec. 30.

So then, what is Spinning?

Spinning, otherwise known as Indoor Cycling is a great way to loss weight.  It offerings all the benefits of outdoor cycling plus much more.  It gives a great cardiovascular boost by raising your heart rate relatively fast.  Its an anaerobic activity,  which means that it pulls on fat reserves really quickly.

Its also low impact but packs a punch in calorie burning power.  This is a great exercise for anyone that has knee issues.  Spinning can offer the same benefits as swimming.  In spinning for about 30 minutes, you can burn 500 calories.  Then that means for a full workout of 40 - 60 minutes you can burn anywhere from 800 - 1000 calories.

Spinning is great and did I mention that Jemi Health and Wellness is offering it Free (until Dec 30th).  Check out and click >>> HERE for the class schedules.

So if you looking for something to get into and burn some calories,  You can Spin those pounds off @ Jemi.

***Additional resources***

Here is a Video that can help as an into to Spinning:

Also a sight I found that gives a good write up on the 10 benefits of Spinning.

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