Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Spinning the weight off.

Hey guys!!!

I am really excited to do this post.  So we all love free things.  So Jemi Health and Wellness is offering FREE Spinning classes until Dec. 30.

So then, what is Spinning?

Spinning, otherwise known as Indoor Cycling is a great way to loss weight.  It offerings all the benefits of outdoor cycling plus much more.  It gives a great cardiovascular boost by raising your heart rate relatively fast.  Its an anaerobic activity,  which means that it pulls on fat reserves really quickly.

Its also low impact but packs a punch in calorie burning power.  This is a great exercise for anyone that has knee issues.  Spinning can offer the same benefits as swimming.  In spinning for about 30 minutes, you can burn 500 calories.  Then that means for a full workout of 40 - 60 minutes you can burn anywhere from 800 - 1000 calories.

Spinning is great and did I mention that Jemi Health and Wellness is offering it Free (until Dec 30th).  Check out and click >>> HERE for the class schedules.

So if you looking for something to get into and burn some calories,  You can Spin those pounds off @ Jemi.

***Additional resources***

Here is a Video that can help as an into to Spinning:

Also a sight I found that gives a good write up on the 10 benefits of Spinning.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


So yeah,  I like the fact that there are people out in the world unashamed of proclaiming there faith.  They are not trying to be superheros, or activist.  They just want to live in a world where they can freely express their faith and not be persecuted.

In this generation this is so lacking.  So for that reason I am saluting Tim Tebow, the quarterback of the Denver Bronco.  He seems to be a really humble guy who believes in Jesus.  On October 23rd. he lead his team to an epic upset over the Miami Dolphin.  He then bowed the knee in what is now know as 'tebowing' and prayed on the field in front of thousands of fans.  He was not ashamed of his faith.  This was not something new for Tebow because he was know for putting bible verses in his black paint.  The most famous verse being John 3;16, while he was playing a nationally televised game.  After and during the game there was a total of 92 million searches for '3:16'.  I think this is cool not just for him but that in his actions he can spark so much interest in the the word of God.

Well I can't take any credit for Tebowing. You will have to check  Thees guys are the for the meantime until my pic is there.  I will show it here. By the way, Tim Tebow has a foundation doing great things around the world. Check it out --->>> HERE

Tebow away!!!  Hey why not check out the Tebowing Bahamas Facebook page and "Like" it.  Post a pic and tag the page.

Lets  have some Tebow fun.

Check out this kool video.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

World Aids Day


Remember The Day!

World AIDS Day

I thought I would get on to talk about this today.  Would be a little departure from my normal musing and more on a contemplative and reflective edge.

December 1 has been dubbed World AIDS Day by the World Health Organization (WHO) since 1987.  Its purpose was to raise the awareness of the pandemic if HIV/AIDS on a global level.  When AIDS hit in the early 80s I was a baby.  I remember hearing about it though when there was a tennis player (Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.) who contracted the infection through a blood transfusion.  This was my first recollection of hearing about HIV.  Well the other would have been Magic Johnson.  This for me was weird because he is a celebrity and should have know better.

However, now as I reflect upon the situation it is clear that a celebrity is no different than you or me because many of us still don't know the facts.  Research has helped our knowledge of HIV/AIDS infections tremendously since the 1980s.  Yet we find that many people still do not know exactly the correct things concerning the infection and contraction of HIV/AIDS.  I didn't know either but I thank UTCWI specifically Dr. Majorie Lewis and Dr. Guntley who were so passionate that they ensured that as many pastors who were willing would become trained HIV testing counselors.  I attended the classes and did the clinical hours and thankful that my clouds of ignorance concerning the infection are gone.

As church leaders we need to get real.  The infection is here and many people are being affected.  They may not contract an infection but lose people from it.  On this World AIDS Day I hope more church leaders would get on board.  Predominately,  we do a great job at preaching abstinenceThis is still the best way to go to avoid infection!!! But the reality is that many young persons are having their first sexual encounter as young as 9.  Also,  by the age of 17 many teens have had sexual intercourse.  (See this article in the Nassau Guardian) Young people between the ages of 15-25 are the leading groups who contract the infection and 3% of the adult populous is living with it. So would it make sense to pretend that it isn't real? Isn't our mission spiritual but with social implications?

Check out these states from the World Health Organization for the Caribbean:

 See the whole article at:

We can see that in The Bahamas we are leading the way in persons who contract HIV.  I just hope that on this day more persons would get involved in a sustainable way so that we can steam this tide and save more of our young people.  I know a few persons that died from these infections and the complications associated with them.  So until the Lord in his grace gives us a cure or provides healing.  Lets see if we can do more to avoid any more death by this pandemic.

So know your status and lets get more informed.