Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glad to be a loser

The other day a lady saw me in the gas station and I had a pineapple tart in my hand.  I was tempted to purchase it.  But I didn't and put it down.  Well she recognized me from the show, Journey to Wellness and said "I saw that you put the tart down, I know you got to watch what you eat".  It was interesting that she even observed me and commented on my progress though.   Almost felt special lol

Well, The Journey to Wellness officially is over as a program and I did not win the big prize.

So I wasn't the one who lost the highest body fat percentage.  Body fat percentage is calculated by Total pounds lost (starting weight - present weight) divided by starting weight.  This would have been the best way to determine who would be the winner because everyone loses weight at different rates.  Persons who are heavier if they work hard will lose weight faster.  The slimmer you are the harder you have to work to lose weight.  So then the faster you lose weight the harder you have to work to drop more pounds.

As for me,  I lost 13.14% of my body weight and a total of 41 lbs up to my last weigh-in.  This was not my goal but I am happy for it and grateful for the opportunity that I had to be apart of such a transformative program.  As I started I did not win but I am not mad or upset. One thing that I have come out of this whole experience with is the reality that I CAN DO THIS!  I thought it was impossible for me.  Really I did.  I was convinced that I could not lose weight not for a lack of trying but I think it was more so self doubt.  But in these 16 weeks of the Journey to Wellness program,  I really committed and I have something to show for it.  So I didn't win but in a sense I did because now I have an opportunity to make a serious and much needed change in my lifestyle.  That in itself is priceless.

Now I am addicted.  As it is said to develop a new habit you have to do something for more than 21 days.  I am there now.  It feels weird not working out or making good food choices. In that regard I feel like a winner and nothing can beat that. "Duh. Winning!"

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just get started...

Just ask anyone getting started on a weight loss program is the most difficult thing in the world.  For me it was.  I didn't want to do it actually.  But I love this quote by Zig Ziglar.  Lots of time we forget that we need to get started in order to reach our goals and thus reach greatness. 

I was more concerned in just being average and getting by.  But is that every enough? NOPE.  We all have to press through to greatness.  That means breaking through barriers with lots of endurance. 

Don't wait until the New Year.  Don't wait until you are being forced to.  Don't wait until you have no other choice.  Make it happen today for yourself and those that love you.  Its not going to be easy but you can do it.  God has given you the ability and He will continue to help you when you need it.  So when you give up before you start you never go anywhere.  You owe it to yourself to be great and legendary.  Love yourself and get started on your Journey to Wellness TODAY!

Monday, November 7, 2011

I just shocked myself! #breaking barriers

A couple of days ago, I posted about the transformation that I am going through in my body.  Additionally,  I was just 2 pounds away from breaking the 40 lbs barrier.  Now I am so happy that I am officially breaking that barrier by 3 pounds...soooooo that is a whooping 41 lbs.  WoW! I can only say to God be the glory.  Seriously, I am even shocked myself! Never thought I could do it.  One thing I am not into is letting it get my head.  So even though I am sharing this its just to do that, share!  But now, ohhhh NOW, I will not rest on my laurels I will not get complacent cause this is a life journey and I am not near my goal yet.  I would like to be under 200 lbs someday lol lets say by new year (yup, I know that will be hard during the holidays lol) But step one, I got a warning for 50 lbs, I see you and I want you to know that I see you!!!! I am going to get you. Grrrrr lol 

Anyway,  I am so stoked I had to get on here and share.  Again thanks to my supporters, apart from God and my "chazown" (I will talk about that soon), you guys keep me motivated.  So thank God for life and the ability that is a privilege to make it better.  So though this in one of the more challenging periods in my life, Its all about rising to the challenge.  I am not deterred, not swayed, So I got my mind made up.  Decide. Commit. Succeed.   I hope you guys are making it happen in your lives and well.  Keep on pressing and breaking through those barriers. They aren't going to go on the side. Ya just got to buss through.

Thanks for reading.  Have a great day!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Well, its here! So that makes it a premier for me.  Very shortly by God's grace I will finally get to watch an episode of the Get Well Bahamas Program,  
"Journey 2 Wellness".  
This program has been brought to by National Insurance Bahamas, Jemi Health and Wellness and The Counsellors Ltd.  Shout out to all of you!!! Its been on about two weeks now and I have never gotten to see it.  A few of my friends have been telling me I am "staring" (whatever that means lol), so I am kinda excited to check it out.  This should be fun and a bowl of laughs for me.  I wonder should I pop some popcorn?  Probably shouldn't but they did say popcorn with no salt can be good for you and very filling.

Anyway I digress.  So as you may be reading this right now you would know that I have decided to chronicle   my journey to my better health and fitness.  It has been really great so far.  Thank you so much for the outpouring of support.  I have to share that I have been digging in my out suitcases now and looking for clothes.  That is awesome!!!! I was so happy that a suit  that I had not worn in about 3 years can finally fit me again.  I was so happy to have to laundered and wore it last month.  (^-^) yup! yup! So today after my weight in this morning I am 2 pounds .....only 2 pounds shy of 40 pounds weight loss.  I plan to get there really really soon.  Then by the 21 of November I am hoping to say that I have reached and broken the 50 lbs barrier.

So those of you who want to see the other participants and I get fit check us out Fridays at 8 p.m.(EST) on ZNS.  For my friend in the Diaspora, you are not left out.  Go to and click on the live stream for ZNS TV-13.

The show is only 30 mins so it will be quick not like a workout.  So I will have some good fun watching this.  Well I am off to catch a quick push up or two while I watch Jeopardy.  Then it is off to The Journey 2 Wellness.

Thanks again for reading.  Peace.

Make it happen

Almost ready to break another barrier!!! Woot! Woot! Thank God for real.
Bjorn J. Burrows.
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