Monday, October 24, 2011

Weight is a heavy burden

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
This text comes from Matthew 11 on the heels of Jesus commencing His ministry after the imprisonment of His forerunner John, the Baptist.  Jesus is establishing the nature of His call.  In this text He is simply a burden carrier and a rest-giver.

Isn't it amazing the amount of things that we carry around on a daily basis that are not necessary.  The burdens of disappointments, past hurts, shame, insecurity, and the like.  As I have learned being over-weight or obese is also a burden.  It usually comes from a all of those burdens that we carry that pushes us to eat bad foods.  For example,  if we feel sad we usually eat something sweet or salty.  This gives us a sense of comfort and safety, temporarily.  Over time this behavior causes us to put on excess weight.  This is not God's best for us.  In Jesus we find someone who can carry our heavy burdens that would most times cause us to hurt ourselves.*

I am so happy to know and share that Jesus can carry my burden and give me His.  His burden as He tells us in the text is "easy" and His "burden is light",  Hey, That's a good feeling!!!  So what, you saying?  I dont have to be overweight? Nope!  Are you saying that I can be lighter? Yes!  All we have to do is give those heavy loads to Jesus and He can make us lighter (not talking about skin complexion here).

Seriously though, just thought to encourage you today as you go on your way.  Remember Health and Wellness is God's best for His creation.  He has given us the responsibility to manage ourselves and the resources that He has blessed us with.  I encourage you to follow Jesus as He teaches us (through the Word and the Holy Spirit) how to do things God's way.

*Now I am not knocking professional help, because if you are suffering from abuse or depression or some other deep psychological issue that is debilitating you and causing your health to deteriorate,  Go seek help!! But that help should always begin with Jesus and His Word.

Here is a video clip about casting off weight that I think will help us alot.  Be blessed, until next time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smart Swaps that helps to reduce calories


Smart Swaps
One of the advantages to cooking at home is that you have complete control over what goes into the dishes you make. Not all substitutions will work for all recipes, but with a little bit of experimentation, you’ll discover that you can make smart swaps without cutting flavor. Try some of these substitutions:
Whole milk
Skim, 1% or 2% milk
Whipped cream
Chilled, whipped evaporated skim milk or nondairy whipped topping
Sour cream
Plain low-fat yogurt, or 1/2 cup cottage cheese blended with 1½ tsp. lemon juice, or low- or nonfat sour cream
Evaporated milk
Evaporated skim milk; low- or nonfat mayonnaise; or plain low-fat yogurt combined with low-fat cottage cheese
Whole egg
Two egg whites, or 1/2 cup egg product
One egg yolk
One egg white
One egg (to thicken)
One tablespoon flour
Full-fat cheese
Low-fat, skim-milk or fat-free cheese
Ricotta cheese
Low-fat or nonfat cottage cheese (puree in a food processor or blender before using), or low-fat or nonfat ricotta cheese
Turkey bacon, Canadian bacon, smoked turkey or prosciutto
Enriched white pasta
Whole wheat pasta
White rice
Brown rice
Butter or oil (baking)
Applesauce (substitute only half the amount of butter or oil called for with applesauce; use butter or oil for the other half or the baked goods may turn out tough and chewy)
White flour (baking)
Whole wheat flour (substitute up to half the amount of white flour called for with whole wheat; use white flour for the other half or the baked goods may turn out heavy and dense)
Cream cheese
Neufchatel-style cream cheese (one-third less fat)
White wine or beer
An equal amount of apple juice or chicken broth with a touch of apple cider vinegar
Red wine
An equal amount of cranberry juice with a touch of red wine vinegar

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Human Brain

Its interesting that video courtesy of Elevation Church

This teaches so much about the predisposition of humankind.

Ever wonder why we do some of the things that we do?  This video is great at explaining that.  I hope that it helps someone an encourages you in your relationship with Jesus. 

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Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit

Saw this article today about a guy who is a personal trainer and then got fat, deliberately.   I thought that this was interesting none the less but also considerate.

As I am also on my Journey to Wellness,  I thought I would share this article with you. See more...

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It is often easy for us to become "stuck".  Well I guess it would not be in a literal sense but more so figuratively.  Stuck in our finances; Stuck in our careers; Stuck in our faith; Stuck in our personal life.  The question then is how do we then become Un-stuck?  I don't think a person really enjoys being "stuck"  ^_^

Thats how I felt this week.  As I have been on this lifestyle change I was losing the weight pretty steadily.  So far last week I was 289 pounds.  Now this past week I have been keeping up with my exercise regiment and eating right but I am still stuck at 289 pounds.  What happened?

Getting to the root
I had to get to the root of the problem in order to fix it.  What I realized was that though I was doing what I was always doing,  what I was always doing wasn't having a better effect.  I think in the exercise world they call this "Plateauing".  This happens when your body adapts the regiment or changes that your body is doing. (Isn't the body amazing, WOW!)  So then the conclusion is that if I wanted to become UN-stuck or not Plateau,  I would have to change a few things.  It could not be business as usual.  I had to do something!  I had to do something different.  Like the song said,  I had to "Buss a move!"

Buss a move! 
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - Albert Einstein...I take this to mean that you will never get it right unless you change something.  So then in order for me to see more phenomenal results and achieve my goal, I would have to do something different.  My eating habits had to change meaning I had to lower my caloric intake even more...Eat lower calories per day...

F.Y. I - In order to loss ONE pound a week you have to eat atleast 3,500 less calories than you burn!!!  My exercise had to be pushed up a notch.   This way I would be eating less calories but burning more.  Also, by eating less sugar and salt you help yourself because the body burns those first before it starts burning fat.  

F.Y.I. - Do not starve though this works against you.  Your body will hold on to fat if there is no fuel to burn the fat.  I sees fat as an energy source, yes! But it needs fuel to burn more fat.  Also,  ONE pound of MUSCLE burns atleast 35 - 50 calories a day.  Regular eating also helps to increase your metabolism, so virtually your constantly burning.

Oh yeah I needed to sleep some more because with all the other changes I can burn in my sleep.  By the way, stop eating at 7, 8 o'clock the latest helps...Its called BREAK-FAST for a reason. 

I have resolved to do this and in just two days I have lost about a pound and a half.  How cool is that?   Well then I figure that if I can do that eventually I will be well on my way to achieve my goals...Nay! I will be on my way to surpassing them!!!!

I heard someone say one time that: Focused energy for a short period of time can lead to explosive results.  I think for me that is now my new F.O.C.U.S.  for this time. Oh yeah that acronym is: Following One Course Until Successful.  So its really "Intensity: FOCUS" (should have been the title for this post huh?) 

So now that I have the root of the problem, I have Buss a move and I will be intense,  what should I expect.
Simply better results!!!  
  • When I get on the scale next week I want to see more that 6 pounds off
  • Better cardio so that I can run (not jog) briskly for more than 20 mins _ right now I am up to about 12 mins ( I know I should be ashamed right?  Dude I weigh 289 pounds!!!! So, Dont do it?
  • I should also increase in strength and energy.
Like my coach says the biggest competition is YOURSELF!  So I simply have to push my self a little more at a time and keep Raising the bar.   

Thanks for reading!!! Hope this as encouraged you in some way. Leave a comment.