Friday, September 2, 2011


You know how growing up you always had the reset button on a game console? Often times when you would mess up or made a bad play, all you did was hit the reset button and that was it? Game started over and all was right with the world or at least that game session. Well The National Insurance Board has this initiative called Get Well Bahamas that allows persons who wish to do so an opportunity to reset their lifestyle. They began it earlier in the year and it was a huge success, so they did it again.

I personally wasn't interested at all in the program. Seriously wasn't, even though I need it. Nevertheless, after some prodding from my family and a personally delivered application I decided that I should at least apply. The application sat on my dresser for weeks, I think I didn't fill it out til the last two days before the deadline. I threw together a lil essay (it was required). As I went out to drop off the application I felt hungry and went to get a Fish filet meal from Mcdonalds (love me some fish fe lay as Bahamians say). I finally got to the office of The Counsellor's Ltd on First Terrace. As I munched on my meal from Mcdonalds I started to think about what I was really getting into?? If I do think no more Mcdonalds?? But then I started to think about how this fish sandwich may taste good but deep down inside I know it wasn't good for me. Plus, if I keep like this without serious change I would be around for much longer, if God wills. So I had to make a decision, Will I continue to live this unhealthy and destructive lifestyle or will I press the reset button? So enough was enough! I got some paper and really poured out my heart in the essay. RESET!!!

Taken last day before the deadline for the Get Well Bahamas application.Photo with the application.
Well that was in July, about a week before my 30th birthday, prior to all of this I had gotten a call for a interview at the Counsellers. After to my surprise, after the interview and meeting some of the other prospective contestants, I was selected along with 40 other persons to be in the program. Actually, its a competition to see who can lose the most weigh and overall Body Mass Index is what determines the winner. So for me I will be keeping regular updates about my progress in the new lifestyle.

Its been a month now and I have been progressing pretty well. My ultimate goal is to hit the reset button on my eisI will keep that for another update. But my blog has some random updates of the program. Peace.

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