Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making it happen!!!

So yeah some persons were saying that I should really say what this program has done for me so far... Well here are the cold hard facts:
So I started the program @ 312 lbs and I get to weigh in every two weeks,  now I think that will change to every week (fine by me).  We here are my stats so far:

  • 312 - starting weight
  • 308 - loss of 4 pounds
  • 296 - loss of 12 pounds (this is the most so far)
  • 291 - loss of 5 pounds (I wonder what happened)
  • 289 - loss of 3 pounds (this is not good)
Now the grand total is 23 pounds!!!!!  oh by the way I am not competing (per-say)   I am just trying to get healthy.

Well then this is about 7 weeks in the the whole thing.  As I have been reminded the great reward is to have a better outlook on life and geez, simply to have your health.  Being the "biggest loser" would be good but once I am losing that is all that matters. 

So that's what I am shooting for!  There is no other competition except for myself.  Well with that I am going to go now and get ready for a dynamic workout session!  Peace out!   

P.S.  we have another challenge today, so going to make it happen.  Go Team Red!!!  Updates on the way!!! 

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