Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making it happen!!!

So yeah some persons were saying that I should really say what this program has done for me so far... Well here are the cold hard facts:
So I started the program @ 312 lbs and I get to weigh in every two weeks,  now I think that will change to every week (fine by me).  We here are my stats so far:

  • 312 - starting weight
  • 308 - loss of 4 pounds
  • 296 - loss of 12 pounds (this is the most so far)
  • 291 - loss of 5 pounds (I wonder what happened)
  • 289 - loss of 3 pounds (this is not good)
Now the grand total is 23 pounds!!!!!  oh by the way I am not competing (per-say)   I am just trying to get healthy.

Well then this is about 7 weeks in the the whole thing.  As I have been reminded the great reward is to have a better outlook on life and geez, simply to have your health.  Being the "biggest loser" would be good but once I am losing that is all that matters. 

So that's what I am shooting for!  There is no other competition except for myself.  Well with that I am going to go now and get ready for a dynamic workout session!  Peace out!   

P.S.  we have another challenge today, so going to make it happen.  Go Team Red!!!  Updates on the way!!! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I am going to make this one sooo sweet.  I am on Team RED (Group 4) and "We have mashed up this far". 

  • Won the Salad Challenge.
  • Won the Physical Challenge  
Shout out to all the other groups and they did well but it does feel good to see the determination of my crew.  I think I have the best group.  If any of my team members reading this....YA'LL ROCK!! 

Just so you can appreciate the effort put in my Team RED let me share some details of the two Challenges.  First up,  the Salad Stalker.  The whole point was to put together a salad in 15 minutes.  Then we go 3 mystery ingredients and had to rely on our knowledge so far and decide if the mystery ingredients were healthy to use.

Well least I sound haughty let me say that other groups had phenomenal efforts.  Its just that my group managed to get over the lil hump.  Oh yeah we had to watch portion size of the salad.  Thats really important.  

PiZZaZZ! - A unique creation, which burst of flavor.

Pizzazz was the name I gave to the salad (yeah, corny I know).  It had Romaine lettuce,  a variety of green peppers,  cherry tomatoes, Parsnips, Spring Onions and Avocado pears.  The dressing was homemade vinaigrette with Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a dash of sugar (we lost points for the sugar).  As the beverage was V8 Fusion, 100% juice.  It was awesome!!! The total calories for the meal 225. Oh by the way we made the salad a full meal by adding Grilled Salmon as a protein, this was also included in the calorie count.

   The Physical challenge was another story and not so easy!!!  First of all,  we had to be at the Fort Charlotte at 6 a.m. on a Saturday morning. A SATURDAY MORNING!  Well we made it and ready to go.  There were changes made because of unforeseen circumstances.  Yet that didn't make it easier.  When we got underway here is what all the participating teams had to do:
  • Station 1 - An uphill run then a lap around the track
  • Station 2 and 3 - A suicide
  • Station 4 and 5 - Tyre toss (I did Station 5)
  • Station 6 and 7 - Water Hug (This is running about 50 meters with a 5 gallon bottle);  Station 7 also had to run downhill
  • Station 8 - An uphill run and then 2 laps around the track
Every member of the team was had to complete a Station.  This was a total team effort and we pulled it off.  So we will feel this in the morning,  I starting to feel it now lol Where is my Panadol?

We are the Champs!!! Two straight!
Me tossing the tyre

Water hug
Red, and yellow, black and white all are precious in His sight...#Teamspirit #goodsportmanship


Gardening Continued

So now as apart of the Get Well Bahamas (GWB) I have to get into gardening.   Thought I would give a lil sneak peak of "Farmer B's" works in progress.  Its amazing how God can cause little seeds to grow into great plants. 

Garden Bed Alpha/Stage 2

This part of the prep for the bed is called "Composting".  Composting is placing newspapers and Black Cow manure on the soil.  Compost is the material for the soil that adds vital nutrients and minerals to the soil.  The compost helps the soil to come alive and causes the plants to thrive.  I did one half cuz I ran out of Black Cow but she straight now.


Here is my seedling tray.  I got some Cucumbers, Hot pepper, Sweet pepper, Basil, Lettuce, Cabbage, Tomatoes in there.  According, to Chad from HOMEGROWN, its best to do them in the tray and then transplant them to the bed.  That way the when in the ground the plant could fend for itself better.  Kool huh?!

The Story

I feel like sharing.  Sharing the story of how the journey with Get Well Bahamas (Phase 2) program has been so far.  I have shared some details but I got some more for my readers.  So here goes.

The Get Well Bahamas (Phase 2) program began on July 25 and had its launch on July 26th at the library of The College of the Bahamas.  Check out the awesome theme song by Bodine and CJ Priest.  I have it as my ring tone and it inspires me.  Got to be motivated!!!

This song is pretty good.  It captures the essence of the program.  I really like it.  

Well after the Launch, there was a weekend break and then another meeting scheduled for the following week.  This meeting was very informative in that we got to learn more of what would be expected and how the program was designed to help the contestants.  I am sure I mentioned that it was a competition  but I am not interested in the prizes (even though I am sure they are nice.  For me the biggest prize would be in November to see "The New Me" that I envision now lol.  Also, to know that I finally did it. Lifestyle change.  

After the initial screening by the doctor and having some blood work done,  we were ready to go.  I was in group 4 later to be known as Team RED. We are Ready. Energized. Determined.  My group is the best.

So we began with Cleansing.  The called it Waterworks.  Waterworks was similar to the Daniel fast.  It was the first two weeks of the 12 week program.  The first week I could only eat fruits and vegetables with water.  My Wellness coach Jackie asked us to eat some fruit but more vegetables and at least 80 oz of water perday.  This was took some serious adjustments.  I was soosooo hungry, all the time.  Anyway, thankfully, the second week we were allowed to add whole grains and high fiber foods.

Well now for the sake of my time now I will shorten my blog post for this go and just give an overview of this experience so that I can get to the fun stuff.

  • I have have to workout 3times a week with a personal trainer.  My trainer is Andrew.  He is kool and will to work with you but he does easy up at all.  
  • Got to meet with my wellness coach once a week.  I have learned some awesome information about over all health, good portion sizes etc.
  • Did a grocery store visit.  Its amazing to know how many things are not good for you e.g. can foods like tuna or salmon are not good (go figure)  its always better to go fresh.  These canned foods are loaded with Sodium.  Sodium is like seasoning for the fat cells in the body.  Seriously!  You have to burn off the sodium and other sugar in the body before you start to burn fat.
  • I actually started a GARDEN ya'll!!!  Can't wait to share some info on that.  Fresh veggies are always better.
  • Learned about "How to do your fats right".  There are some good fats out there like Omega-3.  These fats are Poly-Unsaturated fats that help to lower blood pressure and avoiding heart disease.
So Next time I sit to talk about this got to give some updates about the Challenges.  This is awesome stuff right here.

Eat right for Life


"Eat Right For Life" is the theme of this phase of Get Well Bahamas. Here was a display of some of the good stuff I should eat, not just for now but FOR LIFE!
Bjorn J. Burrows

"Impossible is often the untried"

The Garden


The beginnings of my new hobby, gardening. Thanks Homegrown.

This experiment should be interesting. I am not a green thumb but getting there. Hope it all works out.
Bjorn J. Burrows

"Impossible is often the untried"

Jemi Health and Wellness


Shout out to Jane E. Martin-Isaacs for the know-how, NIB and the staff of JEMI, my home away from home!
Bjorn J. Burrows

"Impossible is often the untried"

Friday, September 2, 2011


You know how growing up you always had the reset button on a game console? Often times when you would mess up or made a bad play, all you did was hit the reset button and that was it? Game started over and all was right with the world or at least that game session. Well The National Insurance Board has this initiative called Get Well Bahamas that allows persons who wish to do so an opportunity to reset their lifestyle. They began it earlier in the year and it was a huge success, so they did it again.

I personally wasn't interested at all in the program. Seriously wasn't, even though I need it. Nevertheless, after some prodding from my family and a personally delivered application I decided that I should at least apply. The application sat on my dresser for weeks, I think I didn't fill it out til the last two days before the deadline. I threw together a lil essay (it was required). As I went out to drop off the application I felt hungry and went to get a Fish filet meal from Mcdonalds (love me some fish fe lay as Bahamians say). I finally got to the office of The Counsellor's Ltd on First Terrace. As I munched on my meal from Mcdonalds I started to think about what I was really getting into?? If I do think no more Mcdonalds?? But then I started to think about how this fish sandwich may taste good but deep down inside I know it wasn't good for me. Plus, if I keep like this without serious change I would be around for much longer, if God wills. So I had to make a decision, Will I continue to live this unhealthy and destructive lifestyle or will I press the reset button? So enough was enough! I got some paper and really poured out my heart in the essay. RESET!!!

Taken last day before the deadline for the Get Well Bahamas application.Photo with the application.
Well that was in July, about a week before my 30th birthday, prior to all of this I had gotten a call for a interview at the Counsellers. After to my surprise, after the interview and meeting some of the other prospective contestants, I was selected along with 40 other persons to be in the program. Actually, its a competition to see who can lose the most weigh and overall Body Mass Index is what determines the winner. So for me I will be keeping regular updates about my progress in the new lifestyle.

Its been a month now and I have been progressing pretty well. My ultimate goal is to hit the reset button on my eisI will keep that for another update. But my blog has some random updates of the program. Peace.