Monday, May 16, 2011

Size does Matter


Size does Matter is a new book written by Dr. R. A. Vernon, the pastor of "The Word" Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

This book is an adaptation of his Doctoral thesis that he recently defended. He discusses and defends the tenets of the Mega Church suggesting that a megachurch must do mega-ministry. Therefore, its not enough to simply be "mega" for the sake of it but rather to empower and impact the community that the megachurch is apart.

As a black pastor in a predomantly black congregation and a black theological scholar it is no surprise from which POV Dr. Vernon departs. He suggest that Jesus is always on the side of the marginalized (which is also the tenet of Liberation Theology). He continues that that if this is so then the church of Christ must be on the side of the marginalized as well and minister to the spiritual needs as well as the existencial plight of these people.

This book is a good read and has a real casual flow to it. Being converastional in his approach Dr, Vernon also discusses the wholestic needs of sustainable church effectiveness. He looks at staffing, finance, creativity etc. He encourages every pastor at whatever stage of there development not to be comfortable with just staying there but to persue avenues that will lead to a greater impact for God's kingdom.

I would encourage any pastor to read this. However, I would not just stop there because it has principles that can be applied to other vocations. I am sure it will help you to shapen your skills.