Monday, May 3, 2010

Its been a long time huh?

So yeah...I havent been on this blog in a long time...even after my big claim at March Madness....well march was certainly mad cuz it was a deep month for me...I had a lot of surprises that changed my life...I think that with this new month of may I will try my best to change my life also. I jus got to keep tryin to be relevant or atleast stay alive...i deserve it. Cant get in my own way. so I will make fundamental changes in my life and make it a lifestyle thing. so new lifestyle here i come....

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Derri said...

Hey BJ, didnt know you had a new blog up and running. Yuh betta dan me man i havent been up to date with my blog.

So anyway here's what i have to say.The March madness is inside of all of us. The need to reflect on where we are in life and the contribution we must make. That need to move from reflection to a point of decision. That need to move from the decision to the life transforming action! However too soon after we may find ourselves almost right back at the beginning devoid of action, but feeling inside that you need to move on to do more, and so you reflect...

Thank God all this is bigger than March madness. March will come and go and maybe those decisions spurring us to action are like March,in the past. But we have the opportunity for that fresh start everyday. The renewal of the pursuit to purpose is new every morning. In a sense it doesn't matter that we didnt execute the plans born out of March madness, what was not cant hinder our progress. Daily we can shed the misgivings and failings of yesterday and deny self to identify the calling of the new day. A new opportunity to act differently and to make a difference. With God's steadfast love and guidance we can confidently press forwards to the transformation that is ours, as the difference God makes in our life leads us to be the difference in the world.

Blessing BJ will look out for more from you.