Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010 - Immigration Reform

There is so much to be amazed about in the last days that are mind blowing. But nothing like today's headlines in the Nassau Guardian. The article courtesy of the of Apparently the Prime Minister of the Bahamas decided in an act of compassion to release all Haitian illegal from the detention center in Nassau. Well this sparked much debate in the community. Some welcome the idea and then others vehemently against it.

This saddened me. Not because of the inconsideration but that even in the middle of an international force to aid the crippled country of Ayiti (Haiti) some Bahamians are yet still incapable of showing just some levels of brotherhood to others in this case Haiti. I am not going to agrue whether or not the government betrayed the people of the Bahamas but I would say that it was a great surprised. I am happy for the temporary chance that the PM gave some illegals to try to make it and help themselves and family in Haiti.

I am sure that in time all will see what good will come out of this tragedy.

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