Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Book of Eli

Tonight, I watched the dramatic action thriller, "The book of Eli". First off this was a great movie. I mean it apeals to the philosophical mind as well as to person that just want some thing good to watch. Without going into too much detail, I love how the movie deals with deep eschatology using the vehicle of griping and thought provoking backdrops and some mind-blowing actions scenes. Though movie could have used some more story telling, the plot was solid enough to keep me interested. I would encourage any body if they can stomach some mildly graphic violence and a little bad words, to see the book of Eli. Four out of five stars.
Cool fact: The name Eli is a variation of the name of God or Yahweh in the Arabic, Hebrew tongue.

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Petura said...

I want to watch this movie too.