Monday, April 14, 2008

Commitment to Change


I realize that the hardest thing to do or to accept is change. I for one have fallen head first in this catagory. Perhaps I should be ashamed of myself but I dont live in regret. I think that this defeats the purpose of life in progression. This is because life is every moving forward and to regret would be to live in the past. I for one is not interested in doing this. Therefore, I am resolute that I would prefer change and to move on to a bright future. So here goes.....

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Derri said...

Change, an ever present constant.

Though id like to consider myself one ever ready for any meaningful revolution, I must confess that at times im resistant and even respond negatively to change as it can cause discomfort. (some revolutionary huh) It however takes time, faith and maturity to align with change and take the opportunity to respond positively and be molded and grow due to change.

Change the ever present constant. We should seek to always respond rather than react to change to reap the benefits.